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  • Signature Series of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

    the rock gear has the 2018 ua x project delta men's workout shoes for sale.
    2018 Project Rock Delta Men’s Workout Shoe White
  • Available in White, Black and Steeltown Gold
  • Breathable mesh fabric is both lightweight & durable
  • Molded heel cup offers a form-fit that keeps the foot from sliding
  • Ribbed ankle collar provides a snug, bootie-like fit with an extended cut & unparalleled support
  • Soft foam inside ankle collar stays comfortable against inside of heel & ankle
  • Charged Cushioning® midsole absorbs impact & returns explosive energy
  • Solid rubber outsole covers high impact zones for greater durability with less weight
  • Deep flex grooves provide extra flexibility where you need it most
  • Weight: 10.8 oz.
  • Made in China

    the rock gear has 2018 Project Rock Delta Men's Workout Shoe Black
    2018 Project Rock Delta Men’s Workout Shoe Black

What other buyers have to say/review about Under Armour Project Rock Delta Training Shoes. Some of the best and worst reviews for you to get a better idea of what others think:

5 Star Ratings (All ratings from

Very Comfortable Shoe, Well Worth Purchasing. From day 1 I loved how great these shoes fit and how comfortable they were which is why I ordered 3 more pairs. I wouldn’t want anything else on my feet during circuit and weight training. I also use them daily as casual shoes for walking, hiking and to/from work. Would highly recommend anyone to try these shoes, you won’t be disappointed.

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2017 Styles still available on Ebay
Great Choice! Normally, I couldn’t care less about material things, but I was actually excited about ordering this shoe. I waited two days for shipping but waiting longer would be worth it!!! The shoe is ultra light in weight, super comfortable, and the color is just awesome. It’s built almost like a boot, but it feels like a feather. I am blown away, honestly. I will be ordering another pair just as a back up because I love this shoe so much. Thank you, Under Armour!!!!!
Absolutely love these shoes! Easily the best pair of UA shoes I’ve owned. They have great support on the sole and ankle, flat enough for weighlifters and training, good trip, and are super stylish.

4 Star Ratings:

A decent shoe for a non specialized Gym Goer. When you look at a man the size and shape of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you’d think his shoe line would be tailored specifically for lifters. Alas, it is not. This shoe is not meant for crossfit nor lifters, the shoe itself is based off the RUNNING shoe Delta Highlight. The shoe itself is a very comfortable running shoe to point out. The high top ankle portion is not as stiff as you’d think and is actually rather soft and malleable so if you’re looking for specific ankle support, this might not be for you either. Don’t expect to be doing balanced squats/deadlifts and the like in them. For anything other than heavy lifting, it’s a decent shoe. If a bit overpriced for the aesthetics. If your budget can afford it, get it. If not, it’s passable.

3 Star Ratings:

Wider than normal, running shoe not a training shoe. These shoes are a bit wider than normal which is unfortunate because I have narrow feet so they fit very loose on me, I bought them on day one and after a couple months these are not good for weight lifting as promoted, very disappointed.

1 Star Ratings:

The sizes end at 15, sucks for anyone bigThe fact that most special shoes top out at size 13 or 14 I expected a weightlifting shoe by someone the size of The Rock to accommodate larger people. But, even an athlete like The Rock, they don’t expand past the generic sizes. Really sucks for anyone large.

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2017 styles still available! Brand new and in box!

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